Trò Đùa - Practical Joke Việt Sub (1977)

at high school some pupils decide to play a practical joke on their teacher on the day of midterm exam all of them say they she had told them the wrong date for the exam she almost believed them but then asked a girl known for her honesty and the girl could not lie as a result everyone in the class gets an f for that midtermtrò đùa,xem phim trò đùa,download trò đùa,xem online trò đùa hd,xem trò đùa nhanh,tai phim trò đùa,practical joke,xem phim practical joke,download practical joke,xem online practical joke hd,xem practical joke nhanh,tai phim practical joke,yevgeniya khanayeva,natalya fateeva,natalya vavilova